Adult, Non-Traditional Students (ANTS)

"I think the best part of being in A.N.T.S. learning community is meeting people with the similar background like myself. As a non-traditional student, it makes me feel more comfortable and not so out-of-place in school."   
"Joining a learning community allows us to get connected with others. As we know, college work is not always easy. A learning community can provide social and academic support when we need it. Plus, you can gain more valuable resources through a learning community." 

Majors eligible to join

Majors from the College of Human Sciences

Program description

ANTS are students who are 25 years old and over -- or who are under 25, but are non-traditional, commute, are married, have children, or were in the military.  Ages range from 21 to 50+ --- it is a wide spectrum of individuals!  ANTS provides a support system… a way to find other students who can understand your responsibilities, which differ greatly from that of a traditional age student. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with each other. You may attend regularly or occasionally - whatever fits your schedule.

ANTS has a room reserved for lunch and study time, as well as scheduling other activities, such as an etiquette dinner, the rock climbing wall, or lunch with your advisor. In addition, speakers discuss topics, such as adult learning styles, graduate school, the Women’s Center, or the Library. 

Living Options


Signing up

To have your name placed on the mailing list and receive announcements, send an email message to ANTS also has an organization on Canvas.


Darlene Fratzke
118 MacKay Hall


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