Biochemistry & Biophysics (B&B)

Majors Eligible to Join

The learning community is focused on students majoring in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Agricultural Biochemistry, but is open to any student interested in these fields.


Program Description

As they begin their academic experience at ISU, it is vital that our students are secure in their sense of community. The B&B Learning Community is a very highly valued departmental effort and is recognized for its positive impact on all aspects of our departmental mission in pursuit of academic and research excellence. Successful integration into the department is essential for students to achieve their academic potential. With this integration, come the relationships with faculty that have always been an essential element of positive influence for students. The department of BBMB is an optimal size for being able to offer students personal attention as well as outstanding opportunities for research and growth to each student.

We look forward to welcoming you to Iowa State University.


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Students enroll during orientation.



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