Business Learning Teams (BLTs)

Majors Eligible to Join

Freshman Business Learning Teams (BLTs) are open to all College of Business students in their first semester at Iowa State University who have enrolled directly from high school.  All BLTs are fall only. 

Program Description

The goals of the Business Learning Teams are to ease the transition to Iowa State University and the College of Business, to create a sense of connection with other students, staff, and faculty at Iowa State University and the College of Business, and to gain understanding of College of Business degree requirements, policies and procedures, professional standards and expectations, and resources.

Each Freshman Business Learning Team is made up of 10-12 freshmen.  Each team has a Peer Mentor, an older College of Business student, who will attend BUSAD 102 (BLT Orientation) with their team.  The Peer Mentor will lead team discussions and activities in class as well as serve as a resource for the students.  Students participating in BLTs will also take one to three additional required classes with their team members.  Opportunities are provided for students to interact with their team members as well as other College of Business students, staff, and faculty in social and professional settings.


Living Options

This is a non-residential learning community (effective Fall 2019).


Signing Up

Sign up for BLTs takes place at orientation in June or August. 



Kathy Weaver
Phone: 515-294-8300

Shannon Grundmeier
Phone: 515-294-8300


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