CELTs (Computer Engineering Learning Teams)

Majors eligible to join

Freshmen in Computer Engineering and Cyber Security Engineering.


Program description

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Math 165Math 166
Chem 167Phys 221
CprE 185CprE 186

During fall semester, students in the computer engineering learning community participate in the first semester course, CprE 185 Introduction to Computer Engineering and Problem Solving. The goal of the course is to obtain experience solving problems using C programming and to learn to function as an engineer in a team. Project based examples from computer engineering. Computer based projects and solutions of engineering problems using the C language.

During spring semester, students in the computer engineering learning community participate in the second semester course, CprE 186 Exploring Computer Engineering. CprE 186 was designed with special emphasis on the supporting laboratory experiments and interactive robots. Students design, implement and test computer based projects in an interactive, team oriented approach. This one credit course is only open to learning community students.


Living Options

Students live in Friley Hall with 3 live-in peer mentors.


Signing up

To sign up for a residential learning community simply click on the “Learning Community” tab when filling out your Department of Residence contract on AccessPlus. You can go in and update or change your learning community preference information at any time up until the deadline without losing your “priority date.” Sign up for the learning community course(s) takes place at summer orientation.



Tina Prouty

Dr. Tom Daniels




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