Connect Four

Majors eligible to join

All first-year students of color within the College of Human Sciences are eligible to join.


Program description

The goal is to develop a community of students of color and give you the opportunity to meet new people and learn about campus resources. It is a place for you to connect to the university community and the College of Human Sciences. We focus on Academic Success, Leadership, Networking with Faculty, Staff and Alumni.

Connect Four includes:

  • Meetings twice a month
  • Free food at meetings
  • A peer mentor who can ‘show you the ropes’
  • Academic support (students who participate in Connect Four have a higher average GPA’s than students who choose not to)
  • Fun–we have a good time


Living Options



Signing up

Contact to learn about upcoming meetings and how you can get involved. 
First-year students can sign-up with the College of Human Sciences Multicultural Liaison Officer during Orientation.



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