Connect Four

Majors eligible to join

All first-year direct from high school and transfer students of color within the College of Human Sciences are eligible to join.


Program description

The goal is to develop a community of students of color and give you the opportunity to meet new people and learn about campus resources. It is a place for you to connect to the university community and the College of Human Sciences. We focus on Academic Success, Leadership, and Networking with Faculty, Staff and Alumni.

Connect Four includes:

  • Meetings twice a month
  • Free food at meetings
  • A peer mentor who can ‘show you the ropes’
  • Academic support (students who participate in Connect Four have a higher average GPA’s than students who choose not to)
  • Fun–we have a good time


Living Options



Signing up

Contact to learn about upcoming meetings and how you can get involved. 
First-year and transfer students can sign-up with the College Director of Multicultural Student Success during Orientation.



Carmen Flagge

Kassandra Diaz-Santana




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