Future Teachers - Future Leaders

Majors eligible to join 

All entering transfer students majoring in Elementary Education automatically enroll as well as current Iowa State students who are changing their major to Elementary Education.  Other students wanting to explore teaching as an option are also invited to join. 

Program description 

This learning community meets two times a week for eleven weeks during a transfer student’s first semester at Iowa State.  It is designed to bring together transfer students majoring in Elementary Education that will lead to K-6 teacher certification.  Throughout the semester, with the leadership of the instructor and peer mentors, the students will have an opportunity to learn about our teacher education program, useful resources on campus and participate in study groups and special group activities.  Students will come to know more about themselves and the type of teacher they want to become through class presentations and reflective writing opportunities.


Living options 




New students to Iowa State enroll during transfer orientation.  Current ISU students would enroll if they are changing or considering changing their majors to Elementary Education.



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