Global Design Connection

Majors eligible to join

(New) International, international transfer students and domestic students are eligible to join.


Program description 

The Global Design Connection is a learning community within the College of Design with the intention of bringing together small groups or “families” of domestic and international students, faculty and staff to facilitate meaningful, cross-cultural relationships built on similar interests/backgrounds of the various design disciplines. Through the learning community experience, students will have the opportunity to:

Identify the complex elements important to members of a diverse cultural group or groups in relation to its/their history, values, politics, economy, or beliefs and practices

Describe the perceptions, viewpoints, or life experiences of people or culture outside of the United States or in non-dominant or marginalized groups within the United States

Analyze and interpret information about cultural differences, cultural rules, and cultural biases in their own society 

Integrate, synthesize, and apply knowledge of other cultures in various design settings

Focus will also be placed on developing awareness of resources, integration into Iowa State’s campus and opportunities for growth and friendship through discussions and activities throughout the Dsn S xxx learning community seminar. Campus exploration will also occur through a variety of experiences including on and off campus events, various formal and informal social activities, as well as advice from peers who were new international students themselves.

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