HOME (Open Option in Liberal Arts & Sciences)



Majors Eligible to Join: All Open Option, Pre-Health, Pre-Med, and Pre-Law students are eligible to join.


Program Description:

The HOME Learning Community is a first-semester program designed to support exploring students.  The program provides a structured process for students to explore majors and careers while creating a home at Iowa State.  Students receive support from connections with peer mentors, academic advisers, and faculty.

Benefits of HOME include:

  • Provide you with a structured framework through which you can successfully explore three majors or careers.
  • Connect you with information, resources, and people that can support you through the exploration process.
  • Give you opportunities to practice and therefore develop confidence in your ability to make decisions.


Living Options

No residential options are affiliated with the program

Signing Up:
Students will sign up during Orientation. Please ask your advisor for more information.



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