HOME (Open Option in Liberal Arts & Sciences)

HOME (Helping Open option students Manage Exploration)

Majors eligible to join: any student who is Open Option, Pre-Health, Pre-Med, or Pre-Law


Program Description:

Can you think of a time when you felt uncomfortable, out-of-place, like you didn’t fit in? 

When it was happening, it was probably difficult to focus on anything but how out of sorts you felt.

Can you think of a time, even if you were in a new place, where you really felt like you were at home with the people and in the space you were in?

You likely felt excited, eager to participate, ready to try new things!


Many Open Option students wonder where they fit at Iowa State because they haven’t yet found their major – their academic home.  The HOME Learning Community is intended to give students support as they navigate the exploration process at Iowa State.  To help them find the spaces, places, and people that help them feel at home even as they are searching for their major or future profession.


Students will enroll in an orientation class and will participate in exploration events throughout the fall semester.


Signing Up: Students will sign up during Orientation. Please ask your adviser for more information.



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102 Catt Hall

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