International Leadership

"The International Leadership Learning Community is a great chance to find out who you are and how you can be a true leader with your abilities. You will learn how to become a leader by using your strengths. If you want to be a true leader in your daily life, please join the ILLC and let's explore leadership together!" - Ye-Lim


Majors eligible to join

All LAS students who have been on campus at least one semester

Program description

The International Leadership Learning Community (ILLC) has been developed to create an opportunity for domestic and international students to explore their personal leadership styles and connect their career goals with involvement and leadership on campus. The Learning Community will use the course LD ST 122: Leading with Purpose to explore students' personal mission and vision statements and make connections to their future career goals. This learning community will give students an opportunity to interact with upper-class peer mentors through in and out of class activities. Resources will be shared about various leadership opportunities available on campus for students to pursue to gain professional skills and add experiences to their resumes. In addition, the ILLC is a great opportunity to meet students from various backgrounds and to learn and gain experience with cross cultural communication. 


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Signing up

Email Suzanne Härle, to get added to the LD ST 122 section for this learning community.


Suzanne Härle
(515) 294-4831

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