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Freshmen majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Relations, or Advertising


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Freshmen who are planning to major in Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Relations, or Advertising are encouraged to enroll in this learning community to help them develop a daily news habit and to provide regular contact with faculty in monthly seminars and field trips. The JournalismLC is led by two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists on the faculty at the Greenlee School. 

Students will subscribe to the digital edition of the New York Times and participate in online discussions each week that are moderated by faculty. Through a combination of online and face-to-face discussions, students will learn how to critically evaluate stories that they see in the media as well as learn how to recognize good stories around them. Examples of excellent journalism will be discussed in monthly group seminars and provide opportunities for interaction with peers and faculty.

All participants should sign up for the special theme-based ENGL 250 in the fall semester.

This learning community will also introduce participants to opportunities for working with student media and organizations that will help jump-start their four years in the Greenlee School.

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Students will sign up during Orientation.


Lisa Munger
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