Kinesiology Freshmen

"Being in a learning community enhances your college experience. You are welcomed into an encouraging atmosphere that gives you the tools and confidence to grow. The people you meet become your friends and motivate you to succeed."


Majors eligible to join

Only freshmen in the Kinesiology & Health and Pre-Athletic Training majors will have computer access during registration.


Program description

The goals of the Kinesiology Freshman Learning Community are:  1) to encourage career exploration and appropriate career selection; 2) foster connectedness to other Kinesiology students, the Department of Kinesiology, and Iowa State University; 3) assist new students in making a successful transition to college; and 4) encourage positive citizenship through campus activities and service-learning.  Students will take a cluster of courses together that address these goals, typically KIN 252, 253, and Health Studies (H S) 110.

Students will work with academic advisers and upper-level students called Peer Mentors who will help them become familiar with the Department of Kinesiology and campus resources.  Students will engage in field trips, service-learning activities, study sessions, in-class activities, as well as campus and community activities to explore career interests, gain experience, and network with relevant programs and people.  The learning community activities are part of the freshman orientation class, KIN 253, which students complete during their first semester.  Related activities are offered during the spring semester, such as study sessions, additional field trips, time with Peer Mentors, etc.


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Signing up

Freshmen will register during summer orientation sessions.




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