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Program Description

Links a large lecture class with a small learning community / seminar session led by the same faculty member teaching the lecture. In each case the professor teaching the large lecture will facilitate a small weekly seminar. Seminars are limited to 20-25 students each.  The seminar is designed to explore the connections between the lecture topic and issues and areas beyond the lecture discipline.  It is not a review session for the lecture.

Meets once a week for one credit. 

Fall 2017 LAS Connections offering is:

Religion in America
The Connections course is LAS 125B, Section 1, Wednesdays at 4:10PM. Register for L TM S502 using Reference Number 9646502; then register for either RELIG 210 Section F or Section J.

Religion in America offers an introductory study of the major beliefs, practices, and institutions of American Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam with emphasis on the diversity of religion in America, and attention to issues of gender, race, and class. Dr. Eric Northway teaches the lecture and will facilitate the weekly Connections seminar. This seminar will introduce students to the often-interrelated topics of religion in America, popular culture, and politics. In other words, we will be talking about two things that many of your parents encouraged you to never talk about in polite company: religion and politics. As a “seminar” rather than a formal “course” most our time together will center around reasoned discussion and debate, and is meant to be an open forum for the consideration of various ideas and perspectives – namely yours.



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