MELTS (Mechanical Engineering Learning Teams)

Majors eligible to join

First year mechanical engineering students.

Program description

Mechanical Engineering Learning Teams (MELTs) are non-residential, course-based learning community programs for mechanical engineering students. The participants in the LC enroll in a set of required courses with other mechanical engineering students. One of the required courses is an ME 190 seminar course led by a peer mentor. Our peer mentors are academically successful junior or senior students in the mechanical engineering curriculum who have completed an internship and/or a study abroad experience. 

Learning community participants have the opportunity to build social and academic support groups with other mechanical engineering students to help their transition into the ISU community and the Mechanical Engineering Department. LC participants also have opportunities to interact with ME faculty, staff, and upper level mechanical engineering students. Each MELT reserves between 10-25 seats in the connected courses; however, we reserve 20 seats in each ME 190 seminar class to maximize scheduling flexibility for the students and to allow for increased participation. 

We currently have 16 learning team sections, and each is assigned to a peer mentor. The MELT learning team is a full-year program, allowing students to participate in M E 190 in the fall, and programming activities in the spring. Due to the differing academic levels of our freshman students, we offer Learning Teams in the fall that are linked in all math courses from Math 143 through Math 265. 

Living Options

This is a course-based learning community; thus there are no living options. MELT participants are free to live wherever they wish.

Signing up

Students who are interested in being in a MELT please notify an ME advisor during June summer orientation when setting up your Fall schedule.


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