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Microbiology, Biology, Genetics or Biochemistry


Program description

In this learning community, students study biology, chemistry, English and microbiology as a group, seeing the same faces in most of their first semester classes. The English course most of the students take is science-focused, using the discovery of water-borne disease, the controversy surrounding antibiotics in agriculture, and the importance of hand-washing to demonstrate the value of communication skills. Peer mentors will provide assistance, be part of the orientation class, and plan social outings.

During the spring semester, Microbiology students will continue to have access to the peer mentors for guidance pertaining to academics, class questions, or a friendly person to listen to concerns. At the end of the academic year, learning community students are given the opportunity to travel to the national American Society for Microbiology (ASM) meeting, where they see presentations of the most current microbiology research and, more importantly, meet student and professional microbiologists from around the country. If you are interested in microbiology, join us to learn how microbes DO rule the world. 


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Non-residential LC


Signing up

Freshman/first semester students may sign up for the learning community during their summer orientation.



Susan Cramer


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