The Sky is the Limit: LC for Open Option

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Open Option students - First year and transfer students

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The solutions to many of today’s problems require individuals that can incorporate a variety of perspectives. Open option students often have broad perspectives and multidisciplinary interests such as Genetics and Philosophy or Business and Biology. The Sky is the Limit Learning Community provides an opportunity for open option students to connect with like-minded individuals while exploring majors and careers that fit their diverse interests and skill sets. In addition to learning about majors and careers, students will gain an early introduction to the many clubs, activities, organizations, and personal development opportunities that are available on campus, ensuring a smooth and well-informed transition into college life. During the fall semester, learning teams, assisted by peer mentors (ISU students with strong academic standing), faculty, coordinators, guest speakers, tours, and in class activities, will explore and refine their interests to create an initial outline for their major and career path at ISU.

There are 5 different teams to choose from:

Save Planet Earth (LAS 103D, section 1), An environmentally-themed learning team through which students connect via a Monarch butterfly conservation service learning project in the community.

Helping People: The Health Care Career Spectrum (LAS 103D, section 2),Students will learn about a multitude of health care-related career options, including new and allied health professions.

Web of Success (LAS 103D, section 3), Explore careers and business opportunities in the worlds of social media and news reporting.

Creative Solutions to Tomorrow ’s Problems (LAS 103D, section 4), Students will investigate current world issues and trending topics to identify career paths that allow them to combine passions and bridge interests, possibly merging fields or adding a second major or minor.

Bringing Numbers to Life (LAS 103D, section 5), This team will focus on evidence-based decision making and how big data and numbers impact our lives every day.

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Students will have an opportunity to register for this learning community during June Orientation.
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