The Sky is the Limit: LC for Open Option

Majors eligible to join 

Open Option students - First year and transfer students

Program description 

Do you want to:

  • Find new friends on campus in a small classroom setting (40 students or less) while exploring majors and careers in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics?
  • Make connections with previous Open Option students who are now sophomores, juniors, and seniors?
  • Participate in small team activities that involve meeting with students and professionals who are already pursuing majors and careers that interest you?

We can achieve all of these things and more by meeting for just two hours per week throughout the fall semester.

During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the section that best suits you, and don't worry - if your interest change as the semester progresses, you can get help switching to the section that best suits you!

Here are the options:

  1. Save Planet Earth. An environmentally-themed learning team where students connect via a hands-on Monarch butterfly conservation service-learning project.
  2. Helping People: The Health Care Career Spectrum. Students will learn about a multitude of healthcare-related career options and have the opportunity to take a tour of a cadaver lab and meet with practicing professionals including a physician and a pharmacist.
  3. Calculators, Keyboards, and Information Systems. This section explores career paths that involve mathematics, statistics, computer science, and software engineering. Activities include meeting with a forensic scientist and representatives from local companies such as Siemens and Workiva to explore internship and career opportunities.
  4. Striding Through STEM. This section is a great way to find study buddies for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses, develop good study habits, and meet with upperclass students who have successfully passed STEM courses. This section also provides the opportunity to explore potential career paths that can combine passions and bridge interests through interactions with upperclass students, faculty, and leaders outside of academia.

Course: LAS 103D (1 cr.)


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Signing up

Students will have an opportunity to register for this learning community during June Orientation.
See your adviser for more information.


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