WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering)

Program Description

The WiSE Residential Learning Community is one of the many ways to engage with WiSE during your first year. The residential learning community is designed to help first-year students connect and build a community with other women in STEM. In majors where women continue to be underrepresented at Iowa State, the residential option increases the retention and graduation rates for students living in a WiSE residential community. Each WiSE community has a peer mentor (sophomore and junior WiSE students) who assist first-year students in underrepresented STEM majors with a successful transition to college. 

Living Options

WiSE First-Year residential learning communities are located in:
Richardson Court: Oak, Elm, Willow Halls
Union Drive: Eaton, Friley, Helser, Martin Halls
South Campus: Buchanan, Geoffroy Halls

I knew that I had an accessible program to use for academic, social and emotional resources. I knew that my peer mentor genuinely cared about my success and my personal growth as I transitioned into college life. The learning community experience also helped me to meet friends that share my academic and career interests. – Olivia T.

To me, the best part of being in a learning community is being surrounded by people with similar interests to you. Through learning communities, I have met people within my major and similar majors who I can study with, do homework with, and spend time with. – Emily T.

The best part of being in a learning community was having the opportunity to express myself in different ways. We had several different types of activities, events, and meetings that I was able to utilize. Whether it was a 1-on-1 with my peer mentor, or a group activity with my peers, my learning community gave me an opportunity to share how I was doing with academics, social life, and being away from home. This helped me throughout my first year at Iowa State and gave me a great foundation for how to succeed in the rest of my adventure at Iowa State. – Jenna S.

The best part of being in a learning community is knowing that there are people who you can call not only to get help with homework, but to hang out with. Having those kinds of friendships has been crucial to my time at Iowa State. – Shelby R.



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