EXCEL - Exploring Careers, Education and Leadership

Majors eligible to join
First-Year, Open Option LAS students are eligible to join.

Program description
EXCEL is a learning community targeted toward first-year open-option students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. EXCEL aims to help students explore leadership, majors, and the connection to future careers.  Students will find support and guidance in their academic journey by understanding the intersections of their field of study, leadership, and future professional goals.

EXCEL’s components:
-LD ST 270 Campus Leadership Development in the fall and a leadership course in the spring
-Peer mentoring
-Academic and social events with all learning community students

Living Options

Signing up
Students will have an opportunity to register for this learning community during June Orientation.

Dr. Tony Andenoro
(515) 294-7616

Ashley Dorris
(515) 294-4354

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