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Military members are forever part of a unique community whose culture is rooted in structure and standards that, in the first semesters of college, can seem to clash with academic culture. For instance, a civilian professor seeks initiative from her students, but a military veteran may likely refrain from his natural “initiative” because military culture calls for superiors to set goals and areas of responsibility prior to subordinates acting. Often military members see professors as superiors. This one instance alone can cause misunderstandings in the classroom, particularly because neither veterans nor professors are conscious of what is happening. Members of the veteran community want a way to give back, something to be responsible for. Veterans will have the chance to mentor new members of their community, as well as learn how to use their inherent strengths to contribute to the civilian students around them as they go out into their other classes.

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Jathan Chicione
3578 Memorial Union

March 12, 2013 jrl