Learning Communities Institute 2002

"Seasons of Success"

May 13 - 14, 2002
Scheman Building
Iowa State University


To bring members of the ISU community together to share success stories, to learn from and engage with each other, and to plan for the future.


The two major foci of the Institute are assessment and enhancements in learning communities. Specifically, participants will be challenged to utilize assessment data to its fullest in order to inform and improve LC practice. Further, participants will be given the opportunity to examine, reflect, and plan enhancements (i.e., curricular linkages, service-learning, co-curricular activities, etc.) that will contribute to the overall goals of their learning communities. Additionally, a special emphasis will be placed on working time for teams to share information, to reflect on new knowledge, to inform their practice, and to contribute to the base of knowledge on learning communities.

Why emphasize teams?  Connection and reflection are great contributors to improvement. We would like the LC Institute to provide a time for teams to connect and reflect so that they can refine and improve their practice.

What is a team?  A team includes any individuals who contribute to the achievement of a learning community's goals and outcomes. Any or all of the following individuals may be included: LC coordinators, teachers of linked/clustered classes, English teachers, TAs, RAs, peer mentors, DEOs, on-campus and community partners, etc. LC coordinators are encouraged to include a broad spectrum of individuals in the planning and improvement of their LCs.

Featured Speakers

  • David Schoem, Faculty Director of Michigan Community Scholars, University of Michigan

  • Karl Smith, Morse-Alumni Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota