6th Annual Learning Communities Institute "How to Practice the Art of Student Engagement"

Iowa State University

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Scheman Building

FOCUS OF THE INSTITUTE:  Student engagement

How can we better engage students in their learning? What effective educational practices can be used?  How can learning communities serve as a vehicle for applying effective practice and deepening student engagement?

The 6th Annual Learning Communities Institute will focus on questions such as these and invite participants to examine and share strategies for effective educational practice that can be used in learning communities.  We will learn not only about the philosophy (or art) of student engagement, but also the "how to" of student engagement in the form of practical toolkit ideas that can be applied in learning communities.

Engage with us for a day of stimulating conversation and idea sharing!


Dr. John H. Schuh is Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at Iowa State University . Schuh has spent 30 years studying the college student experience and has written extensively in this area. He also serves as a research team member for Project DEEP (Documenting Effective Educational Practices) whose aim is to identify and disseminate best practices from educationally effective institutions of higher education.