7th Annual Learning Communities Institute

Iowa State University

"Ideas in Action "

Monday, May 9, 2005 Scheman Building

The focus of the 7th Annual Learning Communities Institute will be to develop and share learning community best practices. The Institute will address issues such as faculty and student engagement, linking with student affairs, and assessment. This Institute will also serve as an opportunity to consider new partnerships and encourage moving from ideas to action. We are interested in your great ideas and successful strategies! When you register, we will be asking you to please contribute two or three of your innovative ideas that will be compiled and shared at the Institute.

PLAN TO BRING YOUR LC TEAM!  A team includes any individuals who contribute to the achievement of a learning community's goals and outcomes. Any or all of the following individuals may be included: LC coordinators, peer mentors, teachers of linked/clustered classes, English teachers, Teaching and Research Assistants, Department Chairs, on-campus and community partners, and so forth. LC coordinators are encouraged to include a broad spectrum of individuals in the planning and improvement of their LCs.

2005 Institute Awards Recipients


For more information about the Institute, contact: Jen Leptien at jenl@iastate.edu (4-1948)