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Chemistry Learning Community (CLC)

The best part of learning community is all of the connections I've made.  I met some of my best friends when I was taking it as a freshman and I continue to meet new people all the time.  It has also allowed me to connect with a lot of professors who have been valuable resources to me throughout my college career. - Kate


Majors eligible to join

The Chemistry Learning Community is intended for first-year and transfer majors in chemistry, but is open to any student with an interest in chemistry.

Program description

The Chemistry Learning Community (CLC) seeks to build a community environment that fosters the educational and emotional growth of chemistry students. Because of the importance of research in chemistry, the CLC is centered on a research theme. 
The CLC holds weekly meetings and activities with freshmen and transfer students throughout the year. Students enroll in Chemistry 101A (fall only) and Chem 101B (spring only) “Chemistry Learning Community Orientation.” We will introduce students to support services, resources, and opportunities at ISU including AccessPlus, Canvas, and the Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Majors (SCUM) – our chemistry club. We will develop team-building, problem-solving, and professional skills, provide educational and service-based field trips, and invite faculty to discuss their research.  We will also have some activities just for fun!

Our goals include:

  • building a supportive community for our freshmen and transfer students by creating and promoting connections between the majors, peer mentors, faculty and staff,
  • exposing freshmen and transfer students to undergraduate research opportunities, and
  • helping students learn coping, problem-solving and communication skills.


Living Options

This is a non-residential learning community.

Signing up

All incoming first-year and transfer chemistry majors will automatically become part of the Chemistry Learning Community when they register for courses at summer orientation. Be sure to show up in August for the learning community orientation events which will be held just prior to the start of classes.


Terry Kruse

Levi Stanley

Joe Burnett

CLC Peer Mentors

Web Site



Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Majors eligible to join

Open to all undergraduate students in any major, including open option, undecided and undeclared.

Program Description

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Learning Community provides a unique learning experience for students from all majors who have ever thought about starting their own business, who are currently running their own business, or who are simply looking to gain skill sets in entrepreneurship, leadership, and small business management. Students majoring in chemistry, marketing, engineering, and all other disciplines learn together in an entrepreneurial learning environment.

Students in the program are connected to mentors and speakers who contribute to student learning by sharing experiences and offering advice. Students have access to a support network rich in resources to help them develop new innovations or even launch their own companies. Students from a variety of majors will learn about entrepreneurship and innovation through classroom and extracurricular activities.

Students should register for Bus Ad 292 to participate in the weekly seminar class, which includes field trips, speakers, and fun team activities. The learning community includes an annual retreat and etiquette training dinner. 

Living Options

This is a non-residential learning community program.

Application Process 

Register for the required weekly seminar course, Bus Ad 292. 
The course is open to all majors and includes field trips, speakers, networking, and more. The course meets on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:45 am.


Judi Eyles
Program Coordinator
ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship



Biochemistry & Biophysics (B&B)

Majors Eligible to Join

The learning community is focused on students majoring in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Agricultural Biochemistry, but is open to any student interested in these fields.


Program Description

As they begin their academic experience at ISU, it is vital that our students are secure in their sense of community. The B&B Learning Community is a very highly valued departmental effort and is recognized for its positive impact on all aspects of our departmental mission in pursuit of academic and research excellence. Successful integration into the department is essential for students to achieve their academic potential. With this integration, come the relationships with faculty that have always been an essential element of positive influence for students. The department of BBMB is an optimal size for being able to offer students personal attention as well as outstanding opportunities for research and growth to each student.

We look forward to welcoming you to Iowa State University.


Living Options




Students enroll during orientation.



Desiree Gunning
Coordinator, BBMB Teaching Lab and Undergraduate Advising