Peer Mentor Job Descriptions and Responsibilites

Course-based Job Description

This peer mentor is a student staff member who provides leadership in a Learning Community. Mentors assist in achieving the goals of the Learning Community program. A Learning Community is a fall-only or year-long program. A number of first-year students from major/s in your college may participate. Each Mentor will serve as a role model and will help new students in making the transition to college life. Learn More

Residential-based Job Description

This peer mentor job is everything above and a live-in staff position, which requires that the Mentor live in the same house as participants in the program. The Peer Mentor and the Resident Assistant (RA) are key staff members who work together to develop a community conducive to student success by encouraging positive behaviors and addressing behaviors that are detrimental to the individual and/or community. Like all residents, the Peer Mentor must support the Department of Residence policies and has a responsibility as a citizen/house member to challenge negative behaviors. Learn More

Sample Job Description based on the Career Readiness Competencies (PDF)

Resource created by the Peer Mentor Committee (PDF)